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The Imaginatorium - Tevion de Vitrinus by FREDDY-DEATHBEAR The Imaginatorium - Tevion de Vitrinus :iconfreddy-deathbear:FREDDY-DEATHBEAR 8 2 The Imaginatorium - Ira Ultima by FREDDY-DEATHBEAR The Imaginatorium - Ira Ultima :iconfreddy-deathbear:FREDDY-DEATHBEAR 6 2 The Imaginatorium - Penumbra  by FREDDY-DEATHBEAR The Imaginatorium - Penumbra :iconfreddy-deathbear:FREDDY-DEATHBEAR 9 5 EEEWAEAEAEAEEA by FREDDY-DEATHBEAR EEEWAEAEAEAEEA :iconfreddy-deathbear:FREDDY-DEATHBEAR 6 2 I AM THE MAN by FREDDY-DEATHBEAR I AM THE MAN :iconfreddy-deathbear:FREDDY-DEATHBEAR 8 2 [||THE IMAGINATORIUM] Recovery by FREDDY-DEATHBEAR [||THE IMAGINATORIUM] Recovery :iconfreddy-deathbear:FREDDY-DEATHBEAR 7 0 The First Anniversary by FREDDY-DEATHBEAR The First Anniversary :iconfreddy-deathbear:FREDDY-DEATHBEAR 9 1 The Mansion by FREDDY-DEATHBEAR The Mansion :iconfreddy-deathbear:FREDDY-DEATHBEAR 2 1 The Defense Squad [SQUADTALE] by FREDDY-DEATHBEAR The Defense Squad [SQUADTALE] :iconfreddy-deathbear:FREDDY-DEATHBEAR 6 3 The Man Who Speaks in Hands by FREDDY-DEATHBEAR The Man Who Speaks in Hands :iconfreddy-deathbear:FREDDY-DEATHBEAR 12 1 Inktober Day 2: DIVIDED by FREDDY-DEATHBEAR Inktober Day 2: DIVIDED :iconfreddy-deathbear:FREDDY-DEATHBEAR 5 2 Inktober Day 1: SWIFT by FREDDY-DEATHBEAR Inktober Day 1: SWIFT :iconfreddy-deathbear:FREDDY-DEATHBEAR 3 0 HE'S WEARING A SHIRT by FREDDY-DEATHBEAR HE'S WEARING A SHIRT :iconfreddy-deathbear:FREDDY-DEATHBEAR 7 6
SquadTale - The Battles [Verse Two]
Rege Jubente
"Hun, what do we do now?" A-chan asked Sora as they planned the main attack.
It was noon, three days after the initial threat and about fifteen hours after the taming of the monster. The Queen of Sins proceeded to initiate the primary planning of the attack. Sora joined in after giving Jay, Plago, and Tradicon the sample. SJ as well went in due from her position as the Sergeant Major in the whole Defense Squad itself. Amanda and Ryan also went in as the Captains, but left the room after listening the initial plans as to polish the idea.
"I still have no clue..." Sora responded, softly stroking his chin as he was in deep thought.
"We have to act fast, Sora," SJ reminded, looking at the calendar with a dates marked with a red 'X'.
Sora hummed lightly, pulling a chair to sit on while still thinking deeply. We can't just barge in all so suddenly... That's suicide.
"I'm going to get some drinks for us to at least take a break." SJ suggested, picking up
:iconfreddy-deathbear:FREDDY-DEATHBEAR 4 10
SquadTale - [Interlude One] The Battles
The events of the ambush left the Squads severely damaged. It's like losing your leg to a cannonball shot. Many of the members were injured with most of the members with small scrapes. The exception to the small injuries were Tevion, Haru, SJ, and Jay - the leaders of sub-groups in the Defense Squads. Three of those were given heavy damage like deep stab wounds and bruises from being beaten up, but none are unlike Tevion, who, if looked at, took most of the damage. He was taken to a different area, filled with reinforced walls and full security from the fact that he's... not himself.
"Your Highness, it's dangerous to visit him as of this moment." Haru ran alongside with Sora as she went down the spiral stairwell with bandages all over her form. 
Sora kept her cool and stopped walking before turning to Haru. "He's a Praetorian Guard, Haru. He works alongside in protecting the Queen."
"Sora, she's right." SJ joined in, a sling on her arm as she went dow
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Oh look i made a goop man paperdoll by FREDDY-DEATHBEAR Oh look i made a goop man paperdoll :iconfreddy-deathbear:FREDDY-DEATHBEAR 12 1


Book cover thing by ChocoWeeabo Book cover thing :iconchocoweeabo:ChocoWeeabo 16 6 Yandere YCH (OPEN) by Fidelibus Yandere YCH (OPEN) :iconfidelibus:Fidelibus 14 25 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!  by ChocoWeeabo HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! :iconchocoweeabo:ChocoWeeabo 26 21 old fish lady sketch by CNeko-chan old fish lady sketch :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 427 31 Demon Reborn Arc:Chara wasn't ARMED enough[Page 2] by CNeko-chan Demon Reborn Arc:Chara wasn't ARMED enough[Page 2] :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 273 60 Demon Reborn Arc: Battle [Page 1] by CNeko-chan Demon Reborn Arc: Battle [Page 1] :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 262 45 Blue Mistress by CNeko-chan Blue Mistress :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 431 47 Prywinko on Youtube by Prywinko Prywinko on Youtube :iconprywinko:Prywinko 111 49 happy I'm getting old each passing year day by CNeko-chan happy I'm getting old each passing year day :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 334 177 Demon Reborn Arc [The Beginning of Chara Dreemurr] by CNeko-chan Demon Reborn Arc [The Beginning of Chara Dreemurr] :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 377 29
Si vis Pacem
As of March 1st 2018, I can officially say we won. Deviantart is accessible again. I've held back on posting anything until I made sure we have officially won and here it is:

I am beyond grateful for everyone who fought with me, for every single comment, for every friend and stranger who chose to take a stand and join their voices to mine. None of this would have happened if it wasn't for you. Yes, you, you've helped make a difference in the world. That difference ensured that people who have to survive through bad situations day in and day out can still come here for a safe haven away from the grim realities outside. Politics should never restrict art, people should not be discriminated against for whatever reason. 
Our actions didn't stop at Syria, no, they also extended to help Iran, and Crimea which all had been geobanned earlier for the same claims. You've changed the world for over 100 million people. Yes, I know that not
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 141 325
Practice by HEADeYe Practice :iconheadeye:HEADeYe 11 0 The Tower of God by Architect-Gillesania The Tower of God :iconarchitect-gillesania:Architect-Gillesania 4 0 Happy Valentine's Day! by MakaUT Happy Valentine's Day! :iconmakaut:MakaUT 117 26
The hypocrisy of deviantArt
Edit #5
Well, I'll be damned
Staff reply here:…
And we WON! We did it!
and my comment here: stating why this is still up
Edit #4: Iran is geobanned too see here Imagine!
Bravo deviantart, bravo, I applaud you
Please share this, every bit of support counts. I am probably getting my account perma banned after this journal, but I am voicing this discrimination and I want as many people to see it as possible. 
I know people will have various opinions about this. Voice them as you please, but politics shouldn't meddle with art. This isn't fair. This isn't right. You can't deny me service because some politician says so.
Edit: feb 17th: There's a petition now too
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KTQ ~ Master Ref by SwiftKhaos KTQ ~ Master Ref :iconswiftkhaos:SwiftKhaos 165 10


by unforgivable-porn

Nothing much to say rather than LMAO and LOL! Anyways, graphics may be not that cool, the true funny thing here are the comments on You...



152 deviations

if anyone's interested- it is still kinda dead as of now so-


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